What is the

Running World Cup?

The Running World Cup

is on course to be the biggest mass participation sporting event globally by 2020. We welcome and encourage everybody in every nation to get out on their feet during the month of October to represent their nation, and give their nation the best chance of winning this exciting and FREE event in the sporting calendar.

The Running World Cup is totally free to participate in, and for your efforts you will receive a digital goody bag worth over $150 and receive a beautiful digital medal.

No matter how fast or slow you run,
if you submit your 3K in under 30 minutes, which is just faster than a slow walk, your participation will count towards your Country’s overall result.

For more details

on how to win

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The more people that take part,
the more chance your nation has of progressing and winning the national prize.


Take part in the Running World Cup 2019