Running World Cup - The Clashes FAQ's

Not founds your answer? Here's some FAQ's

What are The Clashes?

The Clashes is the name of our country head-to-head series. Where we match up competitive countries for an all-out one day only clash! Any user from the countries taking part in a particular clash can enter. These Clash fixtures are used to place a country in our all-new Power Ranking table, settling rivalries, finding out who truly is top of the running world.

When are The Clashes?

To begin we will be limiting the number of clashes we run to our top 20 countries with the largest active user base, in the future this will change to involve all countries. We aim to have The Clashes continually running throughout the year outside of our normal Running World Cup tournament time. Further details on exactly when these clashes will be happening will be shared well in advance via our social channels and through the app.

How do I enter a fixture?

Once a fixture has been made available, you will be able to find it in the app on The Clashes overview page which can be found in the side menu. From here you will be able to view all the details about any given clash. If your country is involved, a button will be visible to enter the selected clash.

How does the country score work?

The scoring works similarly to our normal Running World Cup scoring, just with countries only competing against one other country rather than the normal all versus all. There will be three main scoring point components for each Country Clash: Distance, Average Bonus Points & Elite Runners.



The total kilometres run by a country divided by the aware smartphone population multiplied by 100,000.


Average Bonus Points 

What you achieved depending on how well you ran


Elite Runners 

We will take the top 20 runners that run the most kilometres in the clash, the country with the most number of runners in the top 20 will win the point for the elite runners.


Having three main points means there will never be a draw and we have balanced the way they work to allow for countries of all sizes to have fair competition

What are the Power Rankings

The all-new Power Rankings table is where we take past results from all countries and events to calculate a country’s ranking relative to the rest of the world. Throughout the year a country may move up and down the table depending on their performance.

How many fixtures will my country compete in?

As mentioned, we will be limiting our initial clashes to the top 20 countries with the largest active user base. However we plan to run this event all year round, this will eventually allow us to set up clashes for every country each month of the year with the hope that a user’s country has at least 1 clash per month to take part in.

How much do the tickets cost?

The Clashes individual fixture tickets start at the price of £10 with Early Bird tickets being £8. Be aware, local currencies final prices may vary.