Vitality Running World Cup Weekly Goals

During the tournament we set you personalised, seven-day running goals based on your current fitness activity level. Your goals are dynamic and will adjust according to your activity level and goal completion.

So even if your country is knocked out in any round you can still run to help improve your physical and mental health. With each weekly goal you achieve, you’re also helping children get vaccinated.

Run at least 3Km within 30minutes or a greater distance at a speed greater 6Km/hr to qualify a run in the weekly goal challenge to vaccinate one child.

One 3Km run per week within 30 minutes = One Polio vaccine for a child.


Your weekly running goal will start every Tuesday at 00:00 and end the following Monday at 23:59 during each tournament round. Head to the bottom of app homepage to see your goal wheel

Weekly Social Goals

Vitality enables people to get active. With your participation in the Vitality Running World Cup, Vitality is helping the United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF) deliver thousands of life-saving vaccines for children around the world. For every Vitality Running World Cup qualifying run you achieve, Vitality will donate a Polio vaccine to a child through UNICEF.

NB. The qualifying runs in the Vitality Running World Cup tournament are separate to your Vitality Running World Cup weekly goals.

Every Vitality Running World Cup weekly goal achieved will not have points counted towards your country’s score. However, every run in your weekly goals will count towards your vaccination total if you achieve a minimum of 3Km within 30 minutes or a greater distance at a greater speed of 6Km/hr.

Goals and Rewards FAQ's

What is the goals program?

To help encourage runners throughout the tournament to get more active even if their country is knocked out, we will set each runner a weekly goal for the duration of the VRWC. The goals are intended to be achievable but challenging, but also a bit of fun. Goals will increase/decrease each week depending on your effort of the previous week.


Competition Round





00:00 21st Sept

23:59 26th Sept


Semi Finals

00:00 28th Sept

23:59 3rd Oct



00:00 5th Oct

23:59 10th Oct

How is my goal set?

If you have been registered with the Vitality Running World Cup for a while and we have some run data on you we have set your goal based on your recent runs. If we currently have no run data from your trackers or you have just recently signed up, we have set your weekly goal to begin at 5km. If you successfully achieve that goal your target will increase by 10% for the next week and rounded up to the nearest KM and capped at 10KM. If you fail to achieve your goal the following week your target will drop back to your starting goal for week 1, or stay the same if you have hit previous goals.

What is my reward if I achieve a goal?

All runners who achieve their weekly goal will unlock a donation reward to UNICEF to help vaccinate children across the world against Polio