Frequently asked questions

Do I need a smartphone?

You will need a way to track your run digitally, either via smartphone, smart watch or other similar device.

Do I need to be over 18?

You need to be old enough to abide by the legislation for smart devices/applications in your own nation and have permission to use such devices.

Why 3KM in 30 minutes?

The Running World Cup is about mass participation, after extensive research we felt this was an achievable goal for almost all ages but also required conscious effort to complete and therefore participate in the event.

I cannot run at the designated time, is that a problem?

Unfortunately we can only accept runs that have been run and logged during the period set out in the fixtures tab of this website, view here.

How do I get my goodybag and medal?

You need to register your details here and have selected a country as part of that process

Do I need to download the Running World Cup application and a partner app?

No, you only need to have registered and uploaded your run to 1 application.

I cannot find my usual running app in the list, what do I do?

If your usual running application is not in the list, please register with the running world cup application here.

I’m from one country but living in another what country will my run count towards?

We recommend using the Running World Cup application where you can specify exactly what country your run is assigned to.

My run is not showing on the Running World Cup application.

For Technical support on the Running World Cup application please contact XXXXXX

My run is not showing on a partner application

Please contact the partner application technical support


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