Build your team

What is the Teams feature?

The Teams feature gives you the chance to create your own mini team within the Running World Cup app. You can create a team and invite anyone to join and either work together towards a target distance or compete for the top spot of your own team’s leaderboard. It’s a great way to have fun with friends and family and get fighting fit for the Running World Cup.

How do I build my own team?

Go into the ‘Teams’ page on the app. Click on ‘Create a team’ or the + sign in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Enter team name and select category. Then click ‘Create Team’ and you are all set with a brand-new team.

How do I invite people to my team?

Go into the ‘Teams’ page in the app and click on the team you want to invite people to join. At the top, click on ‘Options’. Click on ‘Manage members’, then click on ‘Share/Invite members’. You can share on your social media pages or send a direct message to any of your phone contacts.

Can anyone join my team?

Yes, you can invite anyone to join your team they just need to be 13 years + to participate. Once you’ve shared the link, all they need to do is download the free app, register their details and join your team. People who already have the app can also join your team.

Does it matter what country my friends are running for in my team?

No, in the Teams feature, if you have created your own team or been invited to one, it doesn’t matter what country you are running for in the Running World Cup. This is separate to the tournament and is a feature to help bring people together through running. So you can have friends with different nationalities in your own team.

Will my Team’s runs count towards the Running World Cup?

During the tournament, your team’s runs will be counted towards their country’s scores if each run is a minimum of 3km within 30 minutes (a qualifying run). Outside of the tournament your team’s runs will not be counted towards the event.

Is there a minimum distance to record a run in a team?

No, the Teams feature is separate to the Running World Cup and has no minimum distance to record a qualifying run. No matter how far or fast you go on each run, it will be recorded and added to your team’s leaderboard.