Issues with run tracking

My run tracker or device is not listed in the list of devices, what do I do?

If yours is not listed on the app, chances are it may already be in the process of being added. Until such a time, you can either track you runs in app by tapping on the button Track in app or you can link your current device with a free mobile tracker/app such as adidas Running, Google Fit, MapMyRun or Strava, which will then enable you to take part.

Can I use an Apple Watch?

In order to use your Apple Watch during the Running World Cup, please download the Running World Cup app on your iPhone via the iOS App Store. From here head to the Run Trackers tab from the drop-down menu in the top right. You should see Health App at the bottom of the list. Please select this to connect your Apple Watch to your Running World Cup account.

I didn't save my run, what can I do?

If the run is not saved or showing on your device app, we won’t be able to receive it here. Unfortunately, we do not accept manual inputted runs as this opens up to cheating and unfair results.

My run is missing or not showing, what do I do?

Runs may take up to 24 hours to show on the Running World Cup app, so please wait until that time to see if it shows. If it is not showing after that time, please firstly ensure that it is showing on your run device or tracker. Secondly, ensure your tracker is set up and connected to the Running World Cup mobile or web app. You should be able to see the name of your tracker displayed under the My Runs section of the app. If that all appears correct, and it is still not showing – please send a screenshot of your run data that has been tracked via your tracker and we will do our best to resolve this for you. [email protected]

My run data is wrong, what do I do?

If your run data is wrong, please check the original device or application you use to track runs, as we pull data straight from them and do not edit any of the data. If your device or application is showing different data to your Running World Cup account, then please check that you are viewing the correct runs from the correct tracker on your app. If all that appears correct, please contact us via our chatbot (see bottom right of your screen) and we will do our best to get back to you.

Can I change one run tracker for another?

Your Running World Cup profile can support multiple run trackers. Simply select run trackers in the app, authorise your additional tracker, and you will start to see runs appearing in the “My Runs” section of the app in up to 24 hours time. Please note we will only accept the data from one run tracker for a run and disqualify any runs that happened at the same time on another tracker if more than one has been used at the same time. This is so we eliminate cheating and doubling up on runs.

Can I extract my data?

We are unable to offer this feature, but if you are using another run tracker that is synced to the Running World Cup app, you might be able to extract your data from that tracker.

My run tracker is not connecting

If you are unable to connect your tracking device to the app, we suggest checking your password and username with the app or device you are trying to connect to the Running World Cup. We are not able to help with passwords or usernames for other devices or run trackers.