My run

Why 3 km?

The Running World Cup is open to everybody 13yrs+ no matter how fast or how far they can run. It is however a running competition and to make the event competitive, 3 Km is the safest minimum distance that can be completed within 30 minutes for anyone 13yrs+.

What happens if I run under 3 km?

If you run under 3km you will see this run on your account but it will not be counted towards your country total or your weekly goal total. All runs must be at least 3km in length within 30 minutes.

What happens if I run 3 km but take longer than 30 minutes?

If you complete a 3Km but it takes you longer than 30 minutes, it will not counted towards your country’s score. Your run will be recorded on your individual account, but Km points won’t be counted in your overall country score.

What happens if I run over 3 km?

If you run over 3km your total distance will count as long as the total run is over the speed of 6km/h for the total distance.

Can I run more than once to help my team further?

Yes absolutely, the aim of the event is to run as much as possible for your team. As long as you have completed at least 3Km in 30 minutes all additional runs you do in the qualifying time period will be counted towards your country total.

When do I need to do my first run?

You will need to clock your run during the qualifying time period as listed on the site. If your country gets through to the next round, then the scores and runs will reset to zero and you will need to run again to clock a run for your country.

At what time of day should I run?

Please see the qualifying time periods listed in each round of the event. You need to run during this time window in the country you live in for the run to count. So, if you are running for Australia but live in London, you run during the London time zone, but your run will still count for Australia.

I missed running in a previous round, can I still run in a later round?

If your country is still in the competition you can run in the next round, even if you missed the previous round, or all other rounds. You cannot however change your country once you have run once for a country at any point in the tournament.

My country has been knocked out, can I change my country?

The Running World Cup rules mean you can only run for one country, but you can choose that country on sign up. You can change your country at any point up until you have run a qualifying run for that country, then your email address will be linked to that country for the remainder of the tournament.

Can I run on a treadmill?

If your run tracker is able to track runs that are run on a treadmill, then these will reach us and be included in your country total. If your run tracker or device is unable to then we’re afraid you won’t be able to participate using this method.

Can I add a manually tracked run?

To protect the integrity of the competition we cannot accept manually added runs. The reason for this is it invites participants to cheat and creating unfair results. You can see them on your account, but they will not be added to the country score. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to this rule.

When do I run?

If you log in to the app and click on Tournament page, you will see the dates and times of each round. Any runs you do during that time, tracked by your run tracker, that qualify for 3 Km in 30 minutes will count. You should run these in the time window for the country you currently are living in. For example, if you live in London but you’re running for Australia, run it in the London time window, not the Australia window.

Can I use a Huawei?

If you have a Huawei phone, simply download Strava or MapMyRun and you should be able to track your runs via your phone and those applications.